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EnVision Youth Ministry

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EnVision Youth Ministry, ICC’s youth ministry, is St. Gabriel’s only full-time youth ministry with a dedicated weekly service for children and teens.The ministry provides children in preschool through high school with age based Sunday services, year-round activities, and a community of friends who are also developing their relationship with God. The youth ministry holds lock-ins, camping trips, Hallelujah Nights, back to school bashes, Christmas programs, donation drives and many more events.

Under the committed and disciplined leadership of Youth Pastor Alex Robertson, the youth ministry is dedicated to promoting and developing spiritually mature children and teenagers (i.e., toddlers to 18) who will serve in God's Kingdom and positively affect their communities, state and nation.

As a graduate of Sunshine High School and Christian Bible College and a former Marine, Youth Pastor Robertson is devoted to promoting godly confidence and discipline that will lead youth to personal, relational and educational success.

Youth Pastor Robertson has successfully worked with hundreds of youth engaging them in myriad activities including in-state and out-of-state field trips, movie nights, athletic activities, etc.

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